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a small little dick head who is about 5 foot tall and most probably got a 1.5 inch penis who dresses in nothing but branded clothes wears too much jewelry who thinks they are 10 men and acts asif they can hammer anyone (even the female chavs act like this but they wear tight pants sometimes jeans).they usually hang around in a big gruop attempting to intimidate anyone and everyone when all you have to do is floor one and they run away like bitches. but be warned they think they are solid when they have around 20 people behind them. however one on one they lose easily do not be afraid they are fucking pussies.
chav-"ere mates u hit me the other night"
person-"no we did not stop trying to pick fights"
chav-"bullshit u n me one on one mates"
person-(punches chav in nose breaks it chav cries and goes off in ambulences.
by jake-d February 10, 2008
emo-totally great people they are awsome they DO NOT slit thier wrists it is mainly chavs who make up that kind of shit.
moshers-the best people. who listen to the best music. who are just AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
to a trying to be cool mum- better than the rest
to a chav- the people that can K.O you in a punch
to a emo and moshers- damn you guys are cool
by jake-d February 10, 2008

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