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2 definitions by jai.a.thone

means no

refering to the nicotine smoking ad on TV

say it when you object to something, someone, or an assignment
Teacher: So, class, for our next assignment -
Me: No gary, no! Nooo Gary, NOOOOO! noooooooo GARY!
by jai.a.thone June 27, 2007
8 4
an online word associated with: cool, awesome, wow, great!

if said aloud, it is either squealed or exclaimed in a high pitched tone (the kind guys get when their kicked in the goolies)

a dying word, one only infrequently used by n00bs and fags, but is still koolies!
"You got the latest Hi-Five CD? Man, that is sooooo koolies!"
by jai.a.thone June 26, 2007
5 6