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When someone rips ass so much so often its not even funny. unless on a certain occasion. also someone who's farts stink so bad it makes you want to have your blood rot. much like the nova 6 gas from cod black ops.
kid1: "dude rogers rips it so much."
kid2: "so does drew."
kid3: "both of them rip Nova 6 Ass"
by jadissx alter-account November 29, 2010
A youtube gaming channel, who's known very well for their Mythbusting and other game related videos. As of 6-27-11, DTH had 250K subscribers, and released a video saying so. They also pointed out they don't have a Urban Dictionary name so here I' am.
Gamer 1: " Man, you see Myth Madness this month for Black ops?"

Gamer 2: " Yeah dude, DTH is the shit!"
by jadissx alter-account June 28, 2011
a chick who goes on facebook and flirts with a whole group of guys with out any of them really knowing.
Dude 1: "bro, i was talking to _____ last night on FB"
Dude 2: "really me too?"
Dude 3: "i was too."
Dude 4: "guys WTF?!"
Dude 5: "lol, she's a FB Chat Whore"
by jadissx alter-account November 29, 2010
When you live on neither the East Coast or West Coast, but in or around Michigan, Wisconsin, and a bit of Ohio and Illinois. Lake Coast because those states have a coast on the Great Lakes.
Detroit G 1: "Dude, we live in Detroit what Coast are we?
Detroit G 2: "we are Lake Coast"
by jadissx alter-account December 04, 2010
When you or someone around you continues to screw up while speaking. Either from reading a book aloud, reading a script, or giving a speech. originally came up from the ams morning news cast in Berkley MI when a kid named Tyler took around 20 tries before he managed to accomplish the challenging goal.
producer 1: "Dude, he messed up so much I wanted to say something.

producer 2: "yeah, he was doing something called Pull A Tyler ".
by jadissx alter-account November 29, 2010
When some one says for you to do something important. you say this.
Dude 1: "Dude, ask her out!"
Dude 2: "Dont worry bro, it's the Top Of My Netflix Queue "
by jadissx alter-account December 07, 2010
Katrina's. A word that is another level ahead of floods. for those of you who don't know floods are jeans that are way to short for you. therefore making you looking like your ready for a flood. Katrina's however, are if you or another persons jeans are so floody its not even funny.
Kid 1: "Bro, has Cameron bought pants at all in the past two years?"
Kid 2: "I dont think so..."
Kid 3: "Yeah he Has Some Major Katrina's."
by jadissx alter-account December 07, 2010
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