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a place for skating. it consists of ramps, mini ramps, vert ramps, bowls, pipes, banks, ledges, stairs, rails, flow and the sirface can be either concrete or wood. It can be either be indoors or outdoors. Public skateparks are usually outdoors and are surfaced concrete, and some are gated while indoor ones like vans are private owned and are made of wooden ramps. Skateparks began in the mid 1970's and closed in the early 1980s due to skyrocketing insurance costs because of injuries. skaters rode backyard ramps and also invented street skating. the last of the early parks to close was upland's pipeline in 1988. by 2000 the skateparks make a comeback some even better consisting street skating as well as vert skating while the early parks was just vert and flow, and one cannot sue if they are injured but can be cited for safety gear if raided by police.

also skate park
i love riding the skateparks ...its fun.
socalskateparks.com is where u will find great and not so great skateparks and check out the skatepark scene.
by jackson j May 27, 2006
a historical city in so california where it can be kind of boring but has a great skatepark ,and a cool nightclub but police can be a bitch sometimes..
the hangouts here is the bowling alley, high school, downtown upland, memorial park, mustang, starbucks, in n out, montclair plaza, la fitness, oasis, and the new north upland shopping center
i lived in upland, ca since i was like 5 a nd still living here...weLL.. next door-RANCHO CUCAMONGA
by jackson j May 27, 2006
The adult bookstore in so california where guys (or girls) on occasion go to view porn by means of magazines or in video viewing booths on 2 floors. usually in the video booths people walk up and halls and peek into booths trying to get a hookup or to get a freak on inside the store.

often called "the mustang" "the mustang bookstore" "mustang bookstore" "mustang".
the regulars that go here are sometimes calleed "mustangers"
i went down to the mustang last week and got a nice bj from a hot guy.
on may 11 2006 mustang books and video was raided by police.
by jackson j May 26, 2006
a classic skatepark, first opened in 1977 and closed in 1988 located in upland, ca that consisted a fullpipe, a monster bowl, a combibowl and a slalom course. it was the narliest of all skateparks.
ur dads that skated back in the day can tell u all about pipeline skatepark
by jackson j May 28, 2006
street skating. a form of skating involving staircases, handrails, benches, planterboxes, curbs or any urban object a skater can ollie on or off, grind with their skateboards. this type of skating began in the 1980s as a reaction to skateparks closing and disappearing forever. today's skateparks consist of street objects.
the new generation skates street whiles the old generation skates vert.
by jackson j May 27, 2006
a rock n roll song composed in the 1950s. it is a great song and is rock n roll history. known artists that composed this song is little richard and elvis presley
{long tall sally} well i saw uncle john with bald head sally, he saw aunt mary coming and ducked baqck in the ally oh baby, yeah baby, wooo baby havin some fun tonight.
by jackson j May 27, 2006
(slang) to inject drugs by use of a syringe.
slamming drugs to get high is the worst of taking drigs. May be at high risk of heart failure and death.
by jackson j May 26, 2006

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