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To have an erection. ie. Standing tall and proud
She was feeling her boobs in front of us at one point. Made me pretty proud.
by Jackie-F October 10, 2005
UK. A woman who appears attractive but is actually ugly. Can be found in a number of situations or for a variety of reasons. Clever use of make-up. Drunkenness in the eye of the beholder. Darkness in a club. Nice from afar but far from nice. If you've only seen a very well taken photo. Looks good but has an awful voice/mind/personality. Anything that might deceive you into thinking she's buff but she aint. Comes from Transformers - robots in disguise.
Be careful, I'd say there's about 85% chance she's a deceptacon.
by Jackie-F October 10, 2005
UK. To be seriously drunk. Comes from lagging, or lagged up, as in to have drunk lots and lots of lager.
What d'you get up to last night then?
Don't even remember mate, I was proper laggo
by Jackie-F October 10, 2005
UK. Said if you're offering someone a fight. Something a cockney gangster might say
What? You wanna have it? Let's have it then you caant
by Jackie-F September 28, 2005
Something that's really amazing. See mental, sick, insane, nuts, mad, wicked, rude.
If something is mental but bigger/better
This shit is monumental! (emphasis on 3rd and 4th syllables)
by Jackie-F September 21, 2005
UK. To be very very drunk. With our culture of binge drinking becoming more and more prevalent in recent years a whole new bunch of words are coming out to decribe being completely off your face on a Friday or Saturday night out. This one is a combination of the common words for being drunk battered and bladdered.
Oh no. Just remember what I was doing last night. Think I had my cock out at one point! Waving it in girls faces! F***, I must have been blattered.
by Jackie-F October 10, 2005
Ultra-pathetic and corporate way to tell someone you have lots of work to do, used in UK offices. If you notice yourself using this phrase then you need a change of job, lifestyle, haircut and sexuality
How you doin'?
Oh, I'm really busy at the moment. It's all fun and games...!
by Jackie-F October 04, 2005

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