18 definitions by jacaranda

In hold'em poker, a starting hand of Jack/Four. As in, "What's a Jack for?"

I had the spare tire hand in the big blind and was pleased when the flop came out A 4 4.
by jacaranda May 13, 2008
Sexual energy. Shakti is a word new age hippies use because they're too politically correct to just say they're horny.
When I look at you with your dreadlocks and smell your patchouli I feel Shakti energy.
by jacaranda May 03, 2007
SWF seeks SWM I am curvy in all the right places. I'm 5'4" and 275 lbs.
by jacaranda October 29, 2009
Screaming feral kid with nappy hair and no respect for their parents.
They think their kid is an Indigo Child but I think he's little snot-nosed brat.
by jacaranda May 03, 2007
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