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short for "video chat", where over Apple computers, up to 4 people engage in unappealing, awkward conversations for hours on end. half the time, people will vidchat but are too lazy to speak to the other recipient (s) so they type a conversation instead.
girl typing on IM: hey chrissy, wanna vidchat?
chrissy: totally, invite matt too. he thinks im cute, lets play a big game of truth or dare on vidchat. let me get my hairbrush.
by jac0330 July 13, 2008
daughter of a bitch; a male would be known as a SOB (son of a bitch). DOB is a word that is most commonly directed towards a female that says something hurtful, idiotic, or just plain mean to another person. (pronounced DEE-OH-BEE)
marissa: haha fran i stole your boyfriend!

fran: you DOB! how could you betray me like that?! i thought you were my friend!
by jac0330 July 15, 2008
a screamer is a girl (typically black) that one will encounter screaming their freaking heads off at a fair/ an amusement park on rollercoasters. are often found in areas such as Six Flags, and make up about 80% of the park.
*screamers that can be heard from quite a distance*

jack: woah dude, those screamers are freakin loud! why are there so many of them?!
by jac0330 August 13, 2008

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