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4 definitions by jables80

A person who lies better than you can tell the truth.
Who the hell did you hear that from?
Jess . . .

GODDAMN-IT she's the master.
by jables80 January 01, 2011
when you are drunk and on one or more other drugs
did you see kyle tonight, he was drunk and high, oh ya, that kid was shit fuck damned
by jables80 December 13, 2010
A slang term for a giant, a person of large stature with an enormous phallus, who dwells on giant mountain with others of his own kind.
Holy shit, did you see that guy?
Oh ya, he was a Larry for sure.
by jables80 January 01, 2011
a person who tries to steal things without your noticing
jon han did you clock in early again, you schindler
by jables80 December 31, 2010