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A twitching of the lower part of the jaw which occurs when taking Ecstasy. A tendency to grind ones teeth is also apparent.
"Tam, gonnae give me a piece o chewing gum please? I feel the Rave Jaw comin on"
by jabberjaw07 September 30, 2007
Used when reffering to someones house or flat
Fancy coming to my bit later on for a Pro Evo tournament?
by jabberjaw07 September 30, 2007
1. To get very wasted by the consumption of drugs

2. The act of having sexual intercourse
1. Were you drunk last night bob? I was absolutely Beetled!!

2. What happened to you last night Dave? i went back to my bit and Beetled that wee bird i was chattin up!
by Jabberjaw07 October 18, 2007
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