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Slang shorthand for "fuck n ay"
by Jabber September 14, 2003
1)A pair of pliers used by a know-it-all set up guy.
Looks like someone used the scheppelocks on this bolt instead of a wrench.
by Jabber September 14, 2003
1)The art of sitting on your ass all day. 2)To be a schmull.
I wish I was schmullin' like the big guy at work.
by Jabber September 14, 2003
1)The art of fucking off at work. 2)To play Sheepshead and only pick the blind with a no-brainer for a hand.
by Jabber September 14, 2003
a weekly / daily trade of cds. the burnt cds must be decorated accordingly and must be brought to the person of exchange on time. the traders must have outstanding taste in music and a large quantity of blank cds. most traders have an ipod with over 1,000 songs on it, and a plethora of great cds stored on their computer. after the trade cannot be done anymore, the traders participate in a trade finale, in which both traders trade a large number of cds.
rep and jab traded cds, but after jab moved to nc, the trade could not go on as it used to, so they created the trade finale and held it at rep's home.
by jabber June 03, 2005
1)One who slaps his bag at work. 2)AKA:Ray Klapper
Bag slapper really knows how to fuck off at work.
by Jabber September 14, 2003
To hit someone in the nuts.
Walk up and shwack him!
by Jabber September 28, 2003

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