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6 definitions by jLOUD

paper toilet seat covers used to protect your ass from un-sanitary restroom conditions, such as splatter, shrapnel, coat the bowl and peeing out of my butt. it provides a nice, clean seal between your bum and the nasty toilet seat during those times when you just have to go.
the toilet stole my ass gasket!
by jLOUD August 04, 2006
Refering to a male with full, voluptuous lips. Also see "DSL".
Here comes faggot lips! Here comes faggot lips! Right down faggot lips lane!
by jLOUD July 20, 2006
a soft stool that takes the shape of a space shuttle when it hits the bottom of the toilet.
i woke up this morning to see a pancake terd staring at me from the toilet.
by jLOUD August 04, 2006
A poopskull is a very fat man that uses his friends and steals their money.
That guy with the camel toe is a poopskull.
by jLOUD July 25, 2006
one who's head contains a vaste supply of air. a waste of human matter. a worthless soul.
The guy who rejected my first definition of dildoo is a dildoo.
by jLOUD July 26, 2006
The act of being busy doing nothing in particular.
I found Nick dink dorking with the lawn in the backyard.
by jLOUD July 20, 2006