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a queer, or fagot.

some one for enjoys the company of other men in their rectum.

also known as fudge packers, butt pirates, butt budys, black cherry-poppers or just gayfers
man 1: so is randy straight or what?
man 2: oh, no, randy is a queer-o-sexual
man 1: joe owes me $50...
by jAx0r May 03, 2010
some one who is addicted to playing an xbox, xbox360 or xbox live

most xbox-aholics love to play games like: Call of duty: modern warfare 2, halo 2 or 3, battle feild bad company 2, or left 4 dead 1 or 2
n00b1: wow, lool at O M A X 0, he is such a xbox-aholic!
O M A X 0: actuly, im not realy :l
n00b2: then how are you soo good?
O M A X 0: i just am... and your a n00b.
by jAx0r May 04, 2010
a shorter word for nerd whore
some one who goes out with a lot of nerdy

pronounced like nor
she is a nhore
by jAx0r May 03, 2010
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