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(1) Apparently a form of "Druid Diallect" which refers to a man's ball sac

(2) Man girl, you ain't got no bozac
"Does anyone in the GWF have the BOZAC to step up to Druid's challenge"

"LOL Bozac, my little brother says that"
by J2k3 March 24, 2003
TheDreamingZer0: LOL I made them both all 10 on O and 1 on D

TheDreamingZer0: just so I could get the shots
by J2k3 June 15, 2003
Togally not making any #$%@#%#$ Sense when you talk:

ie "TheDreamingZer0: this me some other Mafia."
Did you hear Foolio talk tonight? He was making no #*%()#$% sense. He must have ZBSW Syndrome
by J2k3 April 20, 2003
Totally not making any fucking sense when you talk.

ie "TheDreamingZer0: this me some other Mafia."
Did you hear Foolio talking tonight? He made no fucking sense, he must have ZBSW Syndrome.
by J2k3 April 20, 2003
(1) A person of Scottish decent who enjoys touching little boys.

(2) The act of touching young children
I'm so glad they caught that RaginRoss! I was sick and tired of worrying about my little boys at night.
by J2k3 March 24, 2003
Pro wrestler/porn star. Druid's often fantasize about seeing the this man in action.
Has anyone seen the Great Sasuke Porn?
by J2k3 March 24, 2003
The act of KO'ing your opponent in FPD.
"CRITICAL on racsist preppy teacher = CRITICAL!"

"YEAH! What a Critical by the Rock Crusher!"

"CB! CB! CB! Only one of 423432 Finishers i gave to Dusty! That Cactus Breaker sure is devastating!"
by J2k3 March 24, 2003

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