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when a bunch of gay guys stick it up each others asses creating a train like formation....
"I wanna be the kaboose!!"
by J Dizzle January 15, 2004
A hamburger from Tha Castle. It goes in easy, but comes out like a rocket, with an added gas blast.
Man those rectum rockets were killer.
by J dizzle September 03, 2003
When you take a preemptive shit on the rug. Then do a girl doggy style. Right when you're about to bust, shove here face in the shit and bust down her back in the formation of a stripe.
I totally stinky skunked Jenna last night
by J Dizzle January 27, 2004
THe word is a combination of Fugly(coinicidentaly a combination of fucking and ugly) and retard-from Loyola HIgh School in L.A.
When vinnie said that NY was a republican state we was being a fugtard
by j dizzle November 27, 2004
Another great take on the word poe, aka, a woman's reproductive areas.
I love it when you pour soda on my jingle jangle because it tickles.
by J Dizzle January 26, 2003
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