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The breast pocket of a shirt. The pocket where nerds carry their pocket protector.
My shirt was ruined when a pen exploded in my nerd pocket. Dang! I wish I had a pocket protector!
by iyhnALEX March 02, 2012
acronym for "I, your humble narrator."
iyhn is from the novel "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess. The main character, Alex, tells the story in first person narration. He keeps referring to himself as "I, your humble narrator". Near the end of the book, he shortens this to "i y h n Alex".
by iyhnALEX November 20, 2012
To Dance. To feel the music, and convincingly move to it like you know what you're doing. To dance in a manner that is appropriate for the music you are dancing to. To get locked in to the music, and move to it in whatever way comes up naturally. To dance with confidence, like no one is watching. To dance in a manner that impresses the chicks, and might get you laid.
"He couldn't cop a groove to save his life" - From the song "Poor Tarzan" by Little Charlie And The Nightcats ~1986
by iyhnALEX June 25, 2012
Music created by, and for a very specific target audience: women. Music by the artists who appeared at Lilith Fair. Also, music by male artists whose public persona is engineered to attract a female audience, and alienate a male audience. Examples of such girl music bands include Bon Jovi, Journey, and Def Leppard. It is acceptable for men to like girl music, provided that they publicly acknowledge that it is a guilty pleasure.
dude 1: Have you heard Veruca Salts first album, its awesome.
dude 2: (silence)
dude 1: Okay, I know its girl music, but it nails the genre. I'm calling it a guilty pleasure.
by iyhnALEX July 30, 2012
A man who is obsessed with trying to convince everyone around him that he is an alpha male. Beta males are the most violent and aggressive of all men. Prisons are filled with beta males. A true alpha male never needs to convince anyone, doesn't care if he is one, and might not even know it. The genuine admiration and respect that a man receives from other men, due to his good character, intelligence, and leadership, is what makes an alpha male. Beta males will never attain alpha status by demeaning other men. Women who are attracted to beta males share the same poor character and low self esteem.
beta male: "do you want me to go beat up that creepy guy that keeps trying to talk to you?"
woman: "sure"
by iyhnALEX March 13, 2014

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