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Not safe for Mind. When something is so retarded that the usual facepalm is not enough to express the extreme disappoinment and frustration.
Finally the new Bieber's song is out!" *posts link* "Jeez spoiler that crap, it's NSFM!
by ixigia:face: November 05, 2010
A legendary virtual device that often appears on our desktops, and very likely related to the functioning of obscure network activities. Its appearance is still unknown, but according to the fellow Humper dingo_d, the LAN Button can assume the likeness of a normal and yet mysterious icon..
"I mean sometimes it's on, and sometimes I have to push the LAN button on my desktop, and then (when I have to turn the network on) it takes about 10 sec..." - dingo_d (NFOHump) -
by ixigia:face: December 28, 2010

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