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adj: To be high on marijuana to the point that your eyes feel like they are going to bleed.
After smoking a blunt of the good stuff, I was stinty as can be.
#high #wasted #flinty #baked #stoned
by ITSMEMRTOM December 28, 2010
1) any photo, video or gif that is awesome enough to find its way onto www.thechive.com.
2) Photos, videos or gifs falling in the category of "awesome" "random" "funny" "sports" "girls" "hot women" "sexy chivers" "dar" "hump day" "animals" "america" "mind blowing" "wtf"
1) That picture is totally chiveworthy!
2) Hilarious photobomb, that's totally chiveworthy.
3) I submitted a picture to the chive for the DAR. It didn't make it, so it must not have been chiveworthy.
#funny #awesome #chive #photobomb #dar
by itsmemrtom April 22, 2011
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