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Someone on Maple Story that fits in all of these.
1. Purchaced over 25k of NX Cash
2. Uses NX Cash for hair/eyes/clothing
3. Puts down or discriminate other players in the game that do not have NX hair/eyes/clothing

Usually NX Whores wear outfits that do not match, but believes that wearing anything in one certain color is matching.
NX Whore 1: i like ur hair
Non-NX Player: J>Guild.
NX Whore 2: ty, i got it on my 28th try
Non-NX Player: Joining guild.
NX Whore 1: wow ur so lucky i got mine on my 52nd try
Non-NX Player: Can I join your guild?
NX Whore 1: nx ppl only srry
Non-NX Player: Can I join yours?
NX Whore 2: eff you, ur fugly
by itsANGiE February 18, 2008
someone who is blind to their own hypocrisy, even after other people try to explain to him/her of their hypocrisy
A: "I hate people that complain about other people; they're SO annoying!"
B: "You're being a blind hippo"
A: "How is that?"
B: "You're complaining about people that complain about people."
A: "How does that make me a blind hypocrite?!"
by itsANGiE February 15, 2008

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