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empty beer can (bottle) or soda pop can.
after sex Honey hand me the mexican bedpan. I placed empty can just above the Knees after taking a leak I moved the warm can next to my La Jolla's put my smoke out said "sweet heart will you empty the can".
by itichie_nocanpoo June 11, 2006
water found in most mexican towns will cause problems for gringos!
You must eat Mucho chile peppers when in Old Mexico it Kill the bugs in mexican water. Downside is: U know it hurts when it comes out! Oh yoy yoy comasita shamanitia es muy hot-a-leta !!!
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
state north of mexifornia USA. Mexigon new latina state of Oregon.
LA dude, where is mexican heaven ?? answer mexigon !! and where might that be? U no north of LA man trees grow BC bud White mahickamjhures do mojo.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
Old Mexican paso's ( grande paso bills before 1965 )
I was making my way in the cargo mucho mountian when I had a
hot-a-leta. I had used my last mexican paper. Now I stay by the all American canal and use water for my hot-a-leta's. Sorry my amigos U stinken amercanios dont put port-a-potty's
in the Desert !!!
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
large tits on a girl pool side in california.
Hi honey those are nice solar collectors.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 06, 2006
mexican tree is called a Palo Verde tree (hispanic for green)
mexican tree man Jose was nude is a Palo verde tree trying to catch quail. Now that hurts!!
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
a word used 2 days after eating HOT! chile peppers.
my starfish is burning! I just had a hot-a-leta. Mucho
chile grande hot-a-leta so HOT! I had to skoot my skid on the floor.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006

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