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10 An offensive term for a white person. People can usually get away with using it in our reverse-racist world. Only white people are racist, remember that.

2) A term that ignorant assholes don't think is bad due to the fact that white people were once slaveowners. Somehow, black people, nor every other race on the face of the fucking earth, have ever treated people badly. Except for the fact that black tribes sold their <b>slaves</b> to white men, thus initiating the slave trade. Also, these people are under the impression that we must forever carry a burdon and be subject to their bullshit racism for something our ancestors did, not us.

3) A person who shall forever be blamed for the rest of the worlds downfalls. White people have supposedly done nothing for the world, except invent the majority of things that you use today (to include the computer you're using right now).
Dipshit 1: "Maaaaaaan, tyrone got busted by those cracker ass honkies last night."
Dipshit 2) "Fo' real, nigga? Wut be da reason"
Dipshit 1) "Aww, that nigga just robbed a liqour store and shot da owna in da face point blank."
Dipshit 2) "Fuck those crackers. They're the reason I dropped out of school, had 5 kids from 4 different bitches, and started smoking crack!!!"
by it doesn't matter May 05, 2006
to take care of yourself
I like to kick back and just do me.
by it doesn't matter August 05, 2003
A wanna be brown who is actually persian white.
Stop to get a tan you Yahya Naqvi
by it doesn't matter October 28, 2003

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