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Resides in Towers...complains about the lack of a relationship/girls often. On AIM,a GA Tech Douche chooses to put up multiple away messages dealing with his lonely existence. Has the ability to annoy people from nearly 1000 miles away.

See also: douche
GA Tech Douche auto-response: ...bleh..i'll never get a girlfriend! the statistics prove it. you can see for yourself **provides numerous, depressing statistics**

Girl in Maryland: Nick, you're a douche...
by istandwitness October 04, 2005
When the lava in a lava lamp combines to form a large gelatinous, miraculous, and hypnotizing creation at the top. This creation proceeds to pull downward under the force of gravity. It often takes the shape of a midget banana. It then drips...hence a top drip.
Adam: Wait for it...wait for it....could it be???
Deanna:.....SWEET! TOP DRIP!!!
by istandwitness October 06, 2005
When the mass of lava gathered at the bottom of a lava lamp separates...it's like a drip working against gravity, however, it would be inaccurate to call it a "drip."

see also top drip
Ah...not another bottom separation!
by istandwitness October 06, 2005
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