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5 definitions by ismokespydermansgirlfriend

a form of masterbation that includes hitting, twisting and pulling on your dick
oh man am i sore, i stayed up all night playing bop it!
by ismokespydermansgirlfriend July 10, 2008
36 21
raped beyond repair
stacy got drunk last night and got rbr. then she had to go to the hospital!
by ismokespydermansgirlfriend July 10, 2008
26 14
to ride in a green minivan with both of the sliding doors open and sitting on the floor with your legs hanging out
it works even better if ur blaring some ccr or jimmy hendricks, then it feals like ur flying in a helicopter back in nam
helicopter runs are so much cooler than ghost ridin!
by ismokespydermansgirlfriend July 03, 2008
8 2
as happy as a little sassy chiwawa
Guy 1: like did u hear gay marriage was legalized here
Guy 2: omg yea im so sassy chiwawa
Guy 1: well you know what that means
Guy 2: yea!?!?
Guy 1: yea?
Guy 2: yea!
by ismokespydermansgirlfriend December 09, 2008
3 4
short for "ready to rape", a verry drunk girl that you have to keep away from any horny friends
o man shes had to much, shes gone to rtr
by ismokespydermansgirlfriend July 10, 2008
20 43