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To act as Whoopi Goldberg would in any given situation.

For further clarification on how to pull whoopis and recognize when whoopis are being pulled, please watch the following films and comercials: Ghost, Sister Act, and 1 in 3 like me (light bladder leakage).
Look over there! He's running with a fanny pack! And look! She's running in a habit! Everyone's pulling whoopis today!

Person 1: I just pulled a whoopi.
Person 2: How so?
Person 1: I just spritzed. I've been leaking for years!

The following statements are considered examples of pulling a whoopi: "Molly, you in danger girl," "Can I keep this pen?" and "I signed the wrong name... can I have another?"
by isignedthewrongname July 18, 2010
An expression taken from Angelica Houston in Ever After. Used when there is nothing else to be said or done.
Peter: Hm... so what else should I do?
David: Go... fetch a chicken.
by isignedthewrongname July 18, 2010
To fail, create gurgly noises, or make bad, awkward jokes. Synonym for "fail."
I made so many gurgles in Buddhist meditation today. It wasn't even funny how many peter's I pulled!

David: That's not funny.
Peter: Yes it is!
David: Stop pulling a peter.
by isignedthewrongname July 18, 2010
To lose control of one's bowels. Pronounced "el" "comb." Lcomb is an abbreviation for "lose control of my bowels." It is used as a synonym for "lol."
David: Haha that was so funny I nearly spritzed! I'm pulling a whoopi!
Peter: I just lcombed!
David: Peter, you're always losing control of your bowels...
by isignedthewrongname July 18, 2010
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