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EXTREMELY common word used to describe a hard packed, or very harsh cigarette. Most commonly used when talking about Marlboro Reds, 100's, Camel 99's and sometimes Newports.
Hey, can I borrow a cigarette?
Yeah, heres a marb...
Woah no thanks, dont smoke the cowboy killers.
by Isar February 08, 2006
Three kilograms of cocaine. A key is standard slang for a kilogram of drugs, most often cocaine. By stating "by the three," one is saying that they buy cocaine 3 kilograms at a time with the intention of dealing. The following lines show this more. The statement of a Louis Nap Sack is in reference to a Louis Vuitton bag where he holds all of the cocaine or "work" to be dealt.

The other definition for key by the three is wrong, although the "when I chirp shorty chirp back" is in reference to cell phones.
Key by the three, when I chirp shorty chirp back.
Louis Nap Sack
Where I'm holding all the work at.
by Isar May 22, 2006
Urine that is left to settle in a toilet bowl. Comes from the energy saving saying that goes "if its yellow, let it mellow. if its brown, flush it down."

Not to be confused with Mellow Yellow which was a song by Donovan in the 60's composed when he took the drug Mellow Yellow. Also not to be confused with the drink popularized by Coca Cola.
"Stop leaving yellow mellow in the toilet! The dog drank out of it and licked my face!"
by Isar December 07, 2005
Smog like pollution that comes from the farts of fart loving hybrid car owners. Smug from San Fransisco and Hollywood that meets with smug from Colorado can create extreme storms that kill thousands of actors and kenny.

(South Park Creation)
You shouldn't have written that gay little song that got everyone to buy hybrid cars and produce smug, now should you?
by Isar March 31, 2006
Just like the saying "nigga please," but used by white people when mocking black people or when they want to be overly politically correct or as just a generic joke.

Something that is unbelieveable or unexcusable.
"yo cracka, i be grilled out"
"cracker please, those are just braces!"
by Isar February 03, 2006
Short for a Marlboro Cigarette. Very common slang.
You want to smoke a marb with me?
Hell, you know I would never pass up a FREE cig.
by Isar February 08, 2006
The pointy part on some white hoodies that looks like the top of a KKK uniform, especially when new.
Dude, push your klux in. You're gonna get us shot.
by Isar November 27, 2009
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