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MASTERBAITER: A MASTERBAITER is the fisherman in charge of the blessing of the bait ceremony on East Coast offshore fishing boats. This duty involves the assembling of the entire fishing crew around a large circular bait tub filled with dead herring. When the crew is fully assembled the MASTERBAITER gives the order to the crew "LET THE MASTERBAIT BEGIN" at which time the circle jerk gets busy till every last dumfuk blows a charge a spunk in the bait tub. Then they go fishin, think about it the next time yer eatin fish n chips.
MASTERBAITER Ya know Jake, i been MASTERBAITER on this ol wooden hulled girl fer eleven years now. When i first gut permoted i know fukkin well the men had bigger dicks.
Yup, yer right Percy, comes ta mind that feller from Canada.
Now there was a lad with some proud flesh. Why that hog leg hung near ta his boot tops. He blew a wad clear ta the far side a the bait tub an hit Angus in the eye, near fukkin blinded em. Well Percy, somebody's gotta be MASTERBAITER but fer the few extre bucks you kin have it ol salt. See ya later.
by Isack Sack December 24, 2007
How Long The cook in a cheap Chinese restaurant. When you hear the waitress yell How Long she's not concerned with when you get your food, she's on the cook's ass to get it moving so she can have her smoke break. How Long
Hey; How Long, get your little chink ass movin', gimmie that kung pow chicken for these assholes at table three. It's time for my smoke break.
by Isack Sack December 27, 2007
FECALIA: Fecalia is a medical term describing a common condition where microscopic pieces of shit travel through the blood system until they reach the brain where they attach themselves to neurotransmitters causing what is commonly known as SHITHEADor SHITHEADISM. FECALIA
FECALIA Yo-Jack; you fukup, where was you last nite man, we had a hockey game.
Ahh man, i can't remember nothin no more Larry. It's that fukkin FECALIA, got my brain all clogged up with shitfleks.
The doctors say i'll have full blown SHITHEAD before summer.
by Isack Sack December 25, 2007
Tiet-en-ide (`teet/en/i'd)Noun, The real fucked up guy that shows up from no place wearing funny loafers and a sweater with leather patches on the elbows and a crest on the pocket.
He never knows anybody except another shoes and sweater Tietenide and nobody except another sweater and shoes Tietenide knows who the fuck he is. They are spotted mostly in high school parking lots hanging around a 1979 M.G. convertible saying strange shit and looking in brief cases. It's thought by some that they are members of the ancient order of the Thietenloied(definition pending)
Hey, Ted, your the president of the student body, what's the fluff with those couple of Tietenide over by that M.G. rag top?
Don't i wish i knew Dale, they're both seniors but i cannot find jackshit about anything on them. I went to the business office, thought i might shake something lose on them but i think Mr. Cherry might be one. He's wearing the shoes and sweater, fucking worse than window shopping, Tietenide pricks.
by Isack Sack May 09, 2008

noun nor/an/ger (`nor/inj/er)n. A noranger is what you become if you hang out with a norange for too long a period of time.
Hey, Toad, ya did it, ya fukked wit dat norange too much, now you a fighead fukup noranger. Now you be shittin dem fiftie duller werds, you be gittin sum dem brown cirkls sowd on you lbons now. I gut stuf im doin ---------fukin fighead
by Isack Sack April 08, 2008
TAPPINZEE A TAPPINZEEis a person who is able only to tap at the keyboard of a computer with one finger. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE Tappan Zee Bridge CONNECTING ROCKLAND AND WESTCHESTER COUNTIES IN NEW YORK STATE].
I'm sorry Miss Wiggins, i just can't keep you on any longer. With your typing skills, after all, it's been seven years and you're still at the TAPPINZEE level. The job in the janitorial department is there if you want it, that's all i can do.
by Isack Sack January 21, 2008
JIGALOO The second member of a "RAP" team. The first member does the lyrics and is known as the "RAPPER". The second member does the mouth music and is known as the JIGALOO.
Yo Jo; My JIGALOO was at the dentist today an he cheek be lookin lik he mama fatass. He not do no JIGGIN' fo week man but you duz bes kina JIGALOO Jo. Y'ass gonna giv a nigga sum JIGALOO fo week?
by Isack Sack December 26, 2007

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