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When the boy puts his member between a girl's legs from behind, giving the impression that in addition to her Vuva, she also has a small penis.
Bob came up from behind, suprising suzy with his famous clown penis.
by isabelyarg January 28, 2008
While taking a poop, the girl sits on the boy receiving the clown penis. She pees on him, while he sits on the toilet, receiving a hand job. He proceeds to finish pooping throughout the ordeal.
Bob was in the mood, but also really needed to use the restroom. Suzy, being the dutiful girlfriend, came along and gave him the Golden Clown Penis Blumpkin. What a gal!
by isabelyarg January 28, 2008
A variation of the clown penis. While giving the basic clown penis, the girl pees on the clown penis, giving the impression that the clown penis is actually the one urinating.
Bob was upset and gave Suzy a clown penis, but she showed him up when she returned the favor with a golden clown penis.
by isabelyarg January 28, 2008

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