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The Sexual act of two women, (or possibly men, or a combination of the two) providing a simultaneous blow job on a lucky recipient, usually with each performer sharing a side of the penis. The performers can also 'make out' while the penis is thrusted in between their mouths, this is also sometimes referred to as 'The Rude Frenchman'.
SAM: "Hey Steve, I noticed that both Becky and Tara were all over you at that party last night, so I was wondering...who did you fuck?"

STEVE: "Neither, I brought them both back to my apartment and settled for a Blow Job Sandwich."

SAM: "You call that settling?"
by Isaac_Rath_124 September 26, 2009
A Super Plumpkin is a variation on the regular Plumpkin, albeit, while the man is receiving a blow job and pooping, he is also eating a sandwich.
Sheila made me a sandwich, then offered to blow me while i took a poop, altogether, it was the best Super Plumpkin ever concocted
by isaac_rath_124 November 02, 2009
When a female achieves orgasm after riding the vibrating seat of an 'Arctic Thunder' snowmobile racing arcade game. Similar to the effect of a Sybian, this real event is made even more amazing when it occurs inside of a busy Chuck E Cheese's
Tom: "What did you and your girlfriend do last night Jake?"

Jake: "We went to fun world and had Arctic Thunder Sex."
by Isaac_Rath_124 September 26, 2009
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