11 definitions by irish

having a large ass
Damn, nikka! That hoe gots a big booty.
by Irish August 22, 2003
A young man who finds it nearly impossible to achieve sexual pleasure because only whores will sleep with him. He is usually regarded by women as a friend, not a sexual being.
damn, son, until you get some REAL pussy you're just a Velma.
by Irish March 05, 2004
v. To have relations with someone without knowing thier name, where their from, and usually age. Usually due to intense binge drinking or taking part in any sorotiy event
Yea I'm going to 'hook up' with (insert local sorority slut name) later on after she has a couple beers in her.
by Irish May 27, 2003
Slag for 'it'
Tit don't matta. or tit's ok.
by Irish March 04, 2003
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