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A town just outside of Santa Cruz, California. It is definition for the word enclave. Almost everyone in this town is racist and white, and cultural diversity is non existent, which is very odd being near the San Francisco Bay Area which is a cultural hotspot. Even the amount of cultural restaurants in this town can be counted on one hand. Though these restaurants are run by white people, for white people, just like everything else in Scotts Valley. People in this town have no understanding of the outside world, and believe their way of life is the only way of life.
Quotes from a person from Scotts Valley:

"Why should I try things that I know I won't like"
"Fags should die in hell because they try to ruin marriage for the rest of us"
"You have NOTHING to make fun of, seriously, I am fucking living in LA right now, there is everything here I talk to mostly asians, indians, and BLACK people!"
by invisibol July 03, 2009

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