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1.) What you always seem to be when you argue with someone who is older.
2.) Something you rarely are no matter how much evidence it pointing in the other person’s favor.
3.) A word used to describe someone who is obviously insane. It isn’t always used in a negative way.
1.) Cate: Mom… that dog over there is a beagle.
C.M: No… it’s a poodle honey.
Cate: But it’s labeled Beagle and possesses many beagle-like qualities.
C.M: Stfu! I’m forty biotch! You’re wrong because obviously I know more then you!

2.) Liz: I love this weather… you know, it’s nice to live in a tropical zone.
Random hottubber: You’re wrong this is a temperate zone….
Liz: No I’m not!!!! *kills random hottubber*
Police officer: Did you just kill that hottubber?
Liz: Chill.

3.) Joi: Oh my goodness! I love making out with lampposts!
Jeff: You’re so wrong Joi…
Joi: Ummm hmmmm, making out with the lamppost. Hey! Jeff! Wanna join?
Jeff: YES!!!!!!
by intriguedbydarkness June 23, 2005
someone who discriminates against someone's color of hair either negativly or positivily. (adj.)
Guy: Shut up! Blondie... you're so blonde.
Blonde: Shut up! Hairist... you're so hairistic ...
by intriguedbydarkness June 24, 2005
A girl who falls in love with a promiscuous man and continues to wait for him to come around. As a result she remains the same like a display in a musuem so if he returns he will have something familar to return too. She also is afraid that if she changes he will come around and not like her the way she has become.
Kerrin: Okay Rob, I'll do your project while you're away..
Rob: Awesome! This date with Julia is gunna be cool...
Julie (to her friend): Shouldn't we worry about Rob living with Kerrin?
Friend: No way! Kerrin's just a Display girl.
by intriguedbydarkness July 06, 2005
the act of being a hairist
Guy: You're one hot girl... but you have red hair so you must have a horrible temper issue...
Red Hair: geez... that guy is so hairistic.
by intriguedbydarkness June 24, 2005

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