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describes someone or something that is good/cool/nice.
that kid's safe, bruv. i don't want no one fuckin wit him.
by International Bad Boy August 05, 2004
shorter way to say mate, especially over the internet.
"me and me m8s got pretty pissed."
by International Bad Boy September 07, 2004
short for at the moment.
yeh, i'm pissin on city fans atm.
by International Bad Boy August 02, 2004
another way to say wanker.
Man City supporters are all tossers.
by International Bad Boy August 20, 2004
A Scottish team that should play their matches in the fields near Buckingham Palace.
Rangers are otherwise known as Huns.
by International Bad Boy May 27, 2005
another phrase for nothing, nil, zero.
City is our name
City is our name
Twnety-eight years and won fuck all
City is our name
by International Bad Boy January 12, 2005
shorter way to say 'because.'
City are shite cos they've been relegated more times than Mark Roberts has gone out streaking.
by International Bad Boy September 04, 2004

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