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1. where horny, rich and desperate single/unhappily married men go to have sex with prostitutes.

also known as whorehouse or brothel

2. showrooms in developed and trendy asian countries where many cute and adorable cats are pampered in luxury for the public to visit.
Peter the Cheater: hey babe, im fukn hungry down here.
im gna go head off to the pussy cafe for a quick munch.

Naive abused girlfriend: Ohh ok, can i come too? im hungry too.

Peter the Cheater: No, bitch make me a sandwich for when i get back.

Naive abused girlfriend: but i thought u were going out for some food?

Peter the Cheater: Yeah i love you too, bye!



Natalie: I just wana go to Japan, i hear they got the best pussy cafes there. They all look so gorgeous and pretty!!

Tony: ..... yayer lets go!!!
by innocent_monkey_boy69 November 08, 2010
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