3 definitions by innocent bystander

A hero for the new world, he brings about peace through the ancient art of Surprise Sex. His true identity remains a secret.
Oh My God, that guy was just attacked by the Surprise Sex Ninja.
by Innocent Bystander September 11, 2004
Whenever a man shoves his balls back between his legs to show someone unfortunate enough to have answered... "No, I haven't seen a turkey gobble."
"Hey, ever seen a turkey gobble?"
by Innocent Bystander June 18, 2003
To be patronising in the extreme.
Innocent person: "Did you watch..."
boother: "No I didn't watch anything last night, so don't even begin to ask me what I watched last night. Because if you ask me what I asked last night, I'll say nothing, and then this will have been a total waste of time!"
Innocent bystander: "Say what?"
by innocent bystander May 22, 2004

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