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a gringo is just a north american or anglo-saxon. it is usually a white person but doesnt have to be. it isnt a hateful term but it can be used hatefully. it also represents behaviour and attitudes latinos consider to be "american".
is he latino?
no hes a gringo

why wont you share your smokes, dont be such a gringo
by inkakola December 08, 2003
a spanish slang term for a fair skinned or light haired person. once again it is not derogatory but can be used that way.
what does he look like?
- hes guero with blonde hair and tall
by inkakola December 08, 2003
hijo de puta kind of translates as "son of a bitch" in english but literally it means son of a whore. puta is short for spanish "prostituta" which means prostitute.
shut up you hijo de puta
by inkakola December 08, 2003
short for italian "va faire in culo" go fuck yourself in the ass or somethin very close
go fuck yoursefl = va fangul!
by inkakola November 03, 2003
in spanish it just means "that guy". when you adress someone whose name you dont know who is latino, calling them 'ese' is like calling him 'buddy' if hes white.
do you know where the beach is?
- i dont know, ask ese (that guy). hey ese, wheres the beach?
by inkakola December 08, 2003
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