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One who hails from a council estate. Can be spotted in the wild by their traditional garb of baseball cap, tracksuit and Reebok Classics, and their native mating call of "C'mon man, jus 'gis a fag c'mon man just wan, fuckinnnnnnnnnn' just wan fag man, c'mon ya tight cunt, fuckinnnnnnnn'".

A common rodent in Scotland and Northern England.
"You and yer wee schemie rodents can fuck off back tae Leith. And take them bottles of Bucky wit ya tae"
by influx August 25, 2002
1. An orgasmic fit. Occurs after two intense orgasms in a row; you will begin spasming out of control in a continuous fit of orgasms. Mostly happens to females.
"Yeah I gave this girl a fism last night."
by Influx November 20, 2004
An RtCW player who constantly says "you guys are fuckin 'tards" and who yells at his teamate Silver constantly for always asking for ammo
eXesiv, you jackass- stop yelling at Silver
by InfluX March 29, 2003
Me; ignore all preceeding and proceeding definitions as they are incorrect.
Influx, level 90+ wizard on iRO Chaos.
by Influx October 07, 2003
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