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An awesome band from the greatest land north of the US, Canada. They have awesome music videos, that make you want to really want to be the people in them, doing the strange indie things you always secretly wanted to do yourself.
did i mention that the drummer, and well, all of them, are extremely funny? perhaps the funniest band out there. no, they ARE the funniest band out there.
indie indie person: hey, do you know that awesome band tokyo police club?
not so indie person: wait, wasn't that a song on the high school musical soundtrack???
indie indie: NO....?


2 really amazing people

1: do you know that band, tokyo police club?
2: TPC, yes!!!
1: i've got 2 tickets right here!
2: gahhhhh *faints*
1: you know what?
2: what?
1: i truly want to be wrapped in saran wrap like in the nature of the experiment video. or, jump off things and swing from ropes and jump in my underwear into chilly waters with my friends like in the your english is good video
2: who doesn't?
by indieindie August 22, 2007
A band, a very awesome, indie band from the coolest place on earth in which i have never been to, Glasgow. They sing songs about stoners, chelseas, cinderella, henriettas, etc. their songs always seem to incorporate "la la la la la la la la's" (for the girl), "ba da bap badadadda's" and "dooh dooh dooh doo's".
they are still "indie" in the U.S. of A, but had a sudden uproar of "uncool" people liking them after the fratellis ipod commercial. and, it also seems young, weird kids like them after all the times chelsea dagger has been used for animated movies (which is rather odd, because if you look at the lyrics, they are VERY suggestive, as with all their songs ;))
so, here are some ways to tell if they are a true fratellis fan.
person #1 and #2

1: hey! you know that awesome band, the fratellis?
2: Yeah! i heard their song flathead on a commercial once, it was HAWT.
1: Ewww, god no, how big have they gotten that YOU like them?
2: I don't know, the only other place i've heard them was in an american eagle and on mtv!
1: *slaps head* oh my dear fratellis, have you been sucked in by crazy bad music lovers?

or example 2

1:Hey, you know that band the fratellis?
2: yeah! i love them, i know their songs chelsea dagger, flathead, henrietta, etc.
1: wow, you do know quite a lot of their songs, you must be pretty cool. who else do you like?
2: i really like bloc party and tegan and sara.
1: wow, you are cool. i know those are mainstream indies, but you still have good taste! you're awesome.
2: yeah, i owe it all to greys anatomy. they spoon feed me all these indie bands to listen to, i'm sooo cool.
1: GRRRR!!!! I HATE YOU, and GREY'S ANATOMY! why must they ruin all my favorite bands??
*Cough cough, snow patrol*
by indieindie August 22, 2007

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