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3 definitions by in-effect

Abbreviation of "no wuckin' furries" which is a less vulgar derivative of "no fuckin' worries".

Australian origin.
"Can't make it out tonight - no money!"

"Ahhh no wukkas mate - I'll lend you a score"
by in-effect July 06, 2004
537 201
Useful psychological test. Does the person reading the phrase see:

a) school girls laughter


b) school girl slaughter

Can be handy when attempting to make a sweeping judgement of someone's mental state.
Person: "Read this phrase, what does it say?"

Other Person: "Er... school girl slaughter?"

Person frantically presses emergency alarm under desk...
by in-effect July 06, 2004
68 7
Alternative spelling of 'safe'.

An attempt at individuality through corruption of language; only relevant in written or typed form where the word is visible as the pronunciation is not changed.
Person: "I'm playing out at Bagley's tonight"

Friend of Person: "psafe - see you there"
by in-effect July 06, 2004
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