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3 definitions by imakeyolipstingle

a Spanish phrase that refers to a mall for whores, but is generally used to describe an amazing mall with endless fun.
Nick: "Hey Miranda, want to go to the Putagloria this Saturday?"

Miranda: "Sure. Did you know they are having a sale on the Pos-T-Vac?! It's 47% off!!"

Nick: "Wow! That's amazing! I can't wait!"
by imakeyolipstingle December 03, 2009
1) a way to describe how much fun you had with a girls breasts.

2) a super awesome party
Nick: Dude, her boobs were so awesome! it was like a tata fiesta!

Karen: Your sick. But im glad you had fun.

Nick: Hey Karen do you want to go to the party tonight? I hear its a real tata fiesta!

Karen: sure! Just let me go get my day-glow colored panties!
by imakeyolipstingle October 25, 2010
tapping the clitoris because it is too sensitive to rub
Nick: Hey Miranda did you have fun tapping your cookie?

Miranda: Yeah! it was amazing! I learned a new technique from Gen's videos. My neighbor even came over!!
by imakeyolipstingle December 07, 2010