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1. (noun) that super herb, can be used to describe any form of a reefer snack
2. (verb) the act of tokin that bomb
3. (adj.) used to describe anything involving that dope ass plant
1. "mother fucker, let's go in on some boble."
2. "hey man, wanna boble?"
3. "Snatch some boble treats at the store."
4. (in it's most advanced form) "yo man, boblin boble for boble times"
by im glenjamin November 27, 2006
those who partake in the choicest herb, usually got supa fresh and supa icky, and they ain't stingy, they toke alot at once but are not stoners because stoners smoke alot over a long time, Reefer Cats have been known to put whole quarters of the choicest herb in the air in one sitting; they may be considered Chron Dons
Jehbles- "We're not potheads man...."
Tobles- "Naw man, I'll never be a pothead."
Jehbles- "...naw, we're Reefer Cats!"
Tobles- "yea... wait what's that?"
Glables- "We're that man."
by im glenjamin December 03, 2006
green, funkyfunk, funkeefunkee, HERBal tea, dat primary concoction,
"what you get when you mix blue and yellow?"
"dat supa green"
"don't forget the red hairs"
by im glenjamin December 03, 2006
the sweet sweet suga, the veins, the kick
Curbles Bacon "yo, did you see the red hairs"
Tobles "yea dawg, those are the veins, sweet sweet suga, you know, that kick"
by im glenjamin December 03, 2006
any time when you forget the time because you has been boblin,
a.k.a. my favorite time
Jables: "It's four doble boble."
Glables: "Boble Times?"
Jables: "Fo shoble"
by im glenjamin December 03, 2006

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