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The area code of Seattle.
-I live in the 206.
-What's that?
by im a nerd October 19, 2004
When a person who isn't white forgets their culture and acts like a white person.
Billy: I'm moving to Texas.
Sally: I hope you don't get whitewashed.
by im a nerd November 20, 2004
acronym for: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
Susie: My brother lit his ass on fire!! XD
by im a nerd November 23, 2004
A town near Seattle, that wishes it was Seattle.
This isn't Renton, it's Seattle
by im a nerd October 17, 2004
Direct Writting Assesment.
-GAHH! I hate DWA!
-Me too!
by im a nerd October 19, 2004

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