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a prevalence of emo-ness that is currently found among Pleasant Hill males
Andrew: I'm emo!
Gabe: I'm emo!
Mari and Andra: Oh no! It's an emodemic!!!
by ilovethisword July 16, 2008
A combination of psychopath (a person who suffers from mental instability to the point of insanity) and pompous (pretentious, commonly used to refer to someone who speaks in a periphrastic manner).
psycopath, psychopomp, pompous, insane
Teacher: "White privilege blah blah I love to hear myself talk blah blah In Huck Finn, Mark Twain uses the philosophical and socioeconomical meaning of territory to convey a message about the corrupt morals of western society and to symbolize the injustices of racism blah blah I bought a stun gun over the weekend blah blah white privilege."
Class: You're so psychopompous. Stop talking.
by ilovethisword April 12, 2008
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