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Beautiful georgian town situated within a UNESCO designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Site of Special Scientific Interest. The award of such accolades is balanced out by having a population of mendicants who use their giro's to fund gargantuan drug and alcohol habits.

Since the addition of the link road (A39), in 1988, the indigenous folk of Bideford are able to leave, in one direction, to the bright lights of Barnstaple and, in the other, to other shitty, clique redneck villages; such as Hartland, a true cultural experience that, funnily enough, is not represented,or recommended, by any form of tourist information.

Bidefordians can be identified by lack of teeth, drunken gait, bad tattoo's, unkept hair, and most under 30's speak in a jamaican patois and own a staffordshire bull terrier, often referred to as Bidiots.
Tourist Information......Bideford...where old hippies go to die...noisily and with very little dignity
by ilikebighairysailors1 December 20, 2010
a sanctimonious toss pot who usually claims to be an anarchist or protestor.
usaully sporting their own BRAND of anti fasion
can be found in universities and job centres across the nation
frequenters of the Rave/Free Party scene where they wage psychic and, occasionally, physical ASSAULT on each other
likes to CONSUME substances usually banned by the government that cause DEATH to people in developing countries who meet the DEMAND to supply.
can be found in local beauty spots partying and generally POLLUTING the land the wish to claim back from the gentry.

although claiming to be anti capitalist and anti-religion, these folk will cling to their own set of idealistic DOGMA'S like a catholic to their hail mary's n will sell you drugs cut with terrible shit to ensure they get theirs for free whilst making a tidy PROFIT on their initial outlay.
hippy1: "hey man, i really don't agree with the wars in the middle east over religion and oil"
hippy2: "yeah, if only more people were like us the world would be a much safer place. hey, lets go score our AFGHANI black n RUSSIAN MDMA for this party tonight"
passer by to friend: "omg...you heard those ego-warriors?"
by ilikebighairysailors1 December 11, 2010

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