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3 definitions by iks

1. refers to the blood of demons/orcs from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

2. the blood of the ancient greek/roman god/desses, such as the god Zeus/Jupiter.

3. caffeine for the coffee-addicted.
1. The orc fell to the ground, black ichor trickling from his wounds.

2. Hermes, though half-mortal born, was seen as a God for it was the divine ichor that ran within him.

3. "Release the coffee or I'll be forced to physically retaliate," the college student growled as he reached for the mug of caffeine that had become the very ichor in his veins.
by iks March 08, 2006
27 4
2. odd replacement word for various swears and exclamations, such as 'shit,' 'fuck,' or 'damn'

2. cool, awesome, 'chic'
1. "You shriffing idiot! You just drove my car over a shriffing CLIFF!"
"This concert is shriffing awesome!"

2. "That new hat is so shriff on you."
by iks August 14, 2005
1 1
a derogatory term for any motorcycle that is not a Harley-Davidson. term in reference to numerous motorcycles of asian make and design, though it applies to motorcycles from non-asian countries as well.
"Hey, look at that motorcycle up there! Oh, wait, nevermind. it's just another one of those sukiyakis."
by iks August 14, 2005
4 23