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1 definition by iknowkea

Steven, a name usually given to males who are poorly endowed. Stevens usually lurk around people of their own race and like to "invite themselves" to outings. So be aware when befriending a Steven for they might intrude your life with unsuspecting force. Be especially aware when a member of the Chinese race is named Steven. For if a Chinese male is to be named Steven, he will bring everyone down and become a downie.
Friend #1: Hey lets go out.
Friend #2: Where?
Friend #1: I don't know, but I just want to get away from you know who.
Friend #2: OK lets go before he comes.
Steven: Hey guys you're going out? Hang on I'll get my jacket.
Friend #1 & #2: FUCK! Fricken downies.
by iknowkea August 15, 2009