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1. Fruit or nut trees sprayed with pesticides unknowingly to neighborhood children who played hide-and-seek there.
2. From folk rock to blues, dark carnival and sweet ballad, this Brooklyn-based band has a wealth of experience and heart.
A fire storm on stage, Merrily and the Poison Orchard inspires with a danceable, ethereal presence.
I can't wait to see The Poison Orchard!!
by ikarusbone July 27, 2011
A mechanical being sent to this planet to bring love, happiness and flowers to one and all.
A good robot.
Oh my, I was so scared but that robot isn't bad at all, he... he... he's a wuvbot!

That robot has a lot of love to share, it's a wuvbot.
by ikarusbone April 24, 2010
1. An original sound, steeped in the blues, classic R & B, and
American rock.
Damn, this party needs some hippy nuts.
by ikarusbone February 05, 2010

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