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I'm Suprised Nobody Defined Them Already...
GGPR or The Ranger$ are one of the best Jerkin crews in LA. Jerkin in a dance movement that started in South LA and the have mastered it. Shout Out to The Ranger$
The GGPR aree : Julian




Day Day

Miles (Sometimes xD)
by iiTsNeicyBro August 03, 2009
You Now Your'e A Doo Doo Mama When You...
1.) buy socks and jeans from a man walking in and out of a beauty shop for $5.
2.) walks around in a cutoff tee shirt when your belly hangs over your belt.
3.) think your lipgloss is "poppin" when you really bought it for 99 cents.
4.) your name ends with -isha -quisha -kira or -quita
5.) you ASK your boyfriend to buy you gfts and/or give you money
6.) wears stripes with polka dots

7.) wears fake gold where ever possible.
8.) has all styles of fake bamboo earrings
9.) is 23 and obsesses over Go Go Power Rangers.
10.) stands ontop of tables and benches while yelling at somebody to cause a scene.
(Starbuckquita stands on the park bench yellin at her baby father about not having any money)
Neicy : Damn girl..she standin on the park bench.
Porsha :You act like you not used to that. Shes a Doo Doo Mama.
by iiTsNeicyBro August 03, 2009
You know your'e a doo doo daddy when you
1.) have 1 or more baby mothers who are DOO DOO MAMA's.
2.) wear oversized tee shirts and jeans...and shorts that look like jeans.

3.)still rock cornrows.
4.)those cornrows are dusty.
5.)stay outside from the crack of dawn till dusk.
6.)wear nike air force one's all year round.
7.) those air force ones are crunched.
8.) still rocks du-rags.
9.) have a one bedroom apartment dat 6 people live in.
10.) 4 of them are your kids.
Neicy : Deena..do you see that dude walking with a forty and a baby? Oh hell nah.

Deena : Thats Starbuckquita's baby father. He's a doo doo daddy.
by iiTsNeicyBro August 04, 2009

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