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A gas-operated Russian assault rifle (called the Kalishnikov) developed in the 1940s by a man with the same name. The AK-47 has spawned many variants and was more effective than the German assault rifles of the time. The AK-47 appeared poorly made, but was nearly indestructible. Some countries and guerrilla fighters used, and still use, the AK-47 as their primary weapon due to its reliability. This is especially true during the Vietnam war, where US soldiers would drop their M16A1 rifles in favor of AK-47s (the M16 has since improved.) The AK-47 is commonly seen in the media and is featured in all kinds of video games. It's also the stereotypical assault rifle used by gangs.
Big Dawg began firing his AK 47 at the rival gang, but couldn't hit anything because he wasn't looking down the damn sights.

The Soviets mowed down the attackers with AK-47s.
by iiSf February 03, 2010

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