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Form of dancing brought about by early punk and thrash bands, now mainly used in the presence of modern hardcore and metalcore. Unlike a general mosh pit, slam dancing actually shows signs of enjoying the music and having a brain. By using kicks and punches, the dance is a way to let off violent energy without actually hurting anybody.
There's too many nu-metal kids grinding on each other's bodies for us to go slam dancing.
by ihavetotakeapoop October 02, 2005
A band that has become rather confused, seeming to think that we exist in a world filled with dragons and trolls. Generally, the lyrics won't make sense to you unless you play hours of Dungeons & Dragons every day.
When I listen to Blind Guardian I want to pillage a kingdom and rub my balls on King Arthur's chin.
by ihavetotakeapoop October 02, 2005
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