1 definition by ihatethissluttyschool

Mishawaka High School, full of; sluts, dumb asses, pussy boys. One thing I recomend is: Do NOT use the schools bath rooms, you might catch an STD in there. The schools drop out rate is pretty much the same as all the pregnancies there. If you attend or have attended Mishawaka, you really having nothing to be proud of. All the teachers there do nothing and teach you shit. People say, "We're the Cavemen!" Like it's cool or something when really it's dumb. Being a Caveman means you are really stupid and you don't do anything. Which, matches Mishawaka perfectly. There isn't even A school slut, there are to many sluts for there to be the school slut. Mishawaka is so poor they barely have air conditioning, some rooms do, and some don't. Most don't. The school thinks they're top shit in football and wrestling, maybe cause that's all they care about. They could care less about you if you aren't in the athletics.

And I hate saying this, but I attend the lame ass school, Mishawaka High School.
Tom: "Hey where are all the clean girls at in this school?"
Mike: "Bro, this is Mishawaka High School, you won't find any."
by ihatethissluttyschool September 07, 2011

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