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fkee ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fk)
v. fked, (fkd) fkeeĀ·ing, fkees
v. intr.

1. To run away, in a leet way from
mud gangs

The wrong typing of the word 'flee' during
mud (multi-user-dungeon) sessions due to
a boost of adrenaline.
<100%hp 100%m 100%mv 3705tnl> <civilized 10 AM>
Sinnria steps out of the shadows.
Sinnria's trip misses you.
You yell 'Help! Sinnria just tripped me!'
Graderfar is in perfect health.

<100%hp 100%m 100%mv 3705tnl> <civilized 10 AM>
by ig88 June 18, 2004

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